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What is Predigios Currency Token (PDX)?

Recent events have brought more attention to the climate impact. Predigios currency token or more simply PDX was born from the vision of a team of professionals who see in sustainable tourism one of the keys to improving the quality of life of modern man, respecting nature.

What is our purpose?

To finance the construction of eco-sustainable villages and to replace, within them, the use of current currency with digital currency. The adoption of PDX, as a method of payment, will be easy, fast and convenient thanks to the constant updating of technical and commercial solutions put in place by the team and will allow you to receive more services at a lower cost thanks to the development of a friendly and eco sustainable business model.

Where can we use the token?

The token will be used inside Predigios villages for many types of services. Through agreements with our partners, we are working so it will be exchanged also outside of our facilities. Stay tuned for more news.